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Admit it. You’ve always wanted to drive a truck, but you've never had the chance to try it out. If you can't be bothered with actually driving one in real life, then what are your other options?You could try the Alaskan Truck Simulator on Steam! This game gives you access to more than just driving a truck too—you're able to buy and sell cargo, purchase new trucks, and build up your own business empire. Just because you don't have a truck in real life doesn't mean you can't get your hands on one either.Alaskan Truck Simulator has a number of options that let you play the game however you want to. You can be a trucker or a truck stop owner, but what does that mean exactly? This is the first thing you'll want to determine while playing this game. There are two main things that your business will need: cash and customers. The more customers you have, the more cash will flow into your business, and the more money you'll make by selling your goods and services. Customers, however, are only attracted to businesses that look nice. The more money you invest into your business, the more appealing it will be. The game even gives you a variety of different buildings and structures to choose from!Try the game for free today!Category: GamesType: PC Games | Digital Download

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Steam OS/Linux / Valve Steamworks integration

Alaskan Truck Simulator is set in Alaska. The trucking industry is the backbone of the Alaskan economy. Many companies start as small companies but grow large enough to rival national corporations.

There are two different playable modes; Freelance Mode, and Career Mode. In Freelance Mode, you can play in 30 different cities in Alaska where you start off with a default truck and some money to buy cargo, upgrade your truck and buying new trucks. In Career Mode, you can play in 12 cities with starting off in Anchorage, Alaska and working your way through the state starting in Juneau and ending at Fairbanks in December (you can also choose to go back in time to the same cities in January). You must purchase trucks and cargo, upgrade your equipment and improve your business to survive; if you run out of money, you lose the game. In Career Mode, you will have 24 different challenges to complete, ranging from moving a certain amount of goods from one location to another in a certain amount of time without damaging your cargo without any financial penalties for failure.In the Business Page, players can manage their company by hiring drivers, refueling their trucks and buildings and buying or selling cargo.


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